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Sunday, December 02, 2007

Being Led

Well, there’s a man that Elder Golladay and I found two weeks and one day ago named Renaldo Nagata. He is from Brazil. I remember knocking on his door - and I thought he was American. As I spoke in Japanese, his face changed a little, and I was scared that he was about to yell at me. However, Elder Golladay started talking to him in Portuguese - and he invited us in.

Renaldo had been going with his wife and children to a protestant church here in Japan, but he really didn’t like the pastor or the some of the doctrine - especially baptism of infants. This Sunday, he had actually stayed home while his family went to the evening service and was just reading in his room. He had prayed that he would know what to do, and that he could find the truth. He came from a Catholic background, but still he had some concerns as he read the Bible.

Well, we came in and talked to him. Well, actually, I did more smiling - but Elder Golladay translated a little for me. Thank the Lord that my companion’s mom grew up in Brazil and that he can speak fluently. He asked us to come back in a week or so. We were happy, and kept on knocking doors.

Well, this past Tuesday we show up a little bit late (though we rode our bikes like mad and were sweating a ton when we got there), and he hurriedly ushered us in. We could tell he had been waiting for us. After getting to know his wife a little bit, the religious discussion began. Renaldo had read up 2 Nephi 4 in the Book of Mormon and had prayed about it. He had marked verses more thoroughly than my companion and I have. He also understood everything. His wife, Sonya, however, hasn’t accepted that there is more scripture than the Bible. So, we had a discussion.

I testified a few times, and the Spirit came to all of us, though Sonya still needs some time. What was incredible was that everything that Renaldo said that night to us and his wife was all doctrinally true. There were many times that Elder Golladay was going to say something, but Renaldo said it first. He said he has found what he has been looking for since long ago. In his little Japanese, he asked me where the church was and I explained it to him. He said he wanted to come this week. We said sure.

Well, at 9:45, he walks into the church building on Sunday dressed in a suit and a nice overcoat. I thought he looked like James Bond - and I told him that. Several of the members couldn’t believe he wasn’t a member - it was pretty funny.

Anyway, we had a great fast and testimony meeting in which the Spirit was strong and tears were shed. Afterwards, Elder Golladay and the Branch President talked with Renaldo as I taught another lesson. Also, Wakana and her two children came to church, and the sisters taught her.

The lesson I taught was kind of so-so, the father of our branch president comes every week, but just can’t believe in one God - so we talk. After church, Elder Golladay talks about the lesson.

President Kawabata has fairly decent English, but no Portuguese, so Elder Golladay would say a few things in Japanese for him to stay along with the lesson. After the first three minutes Elder Golladay says to the Branch President, "President Kawabata, he wants to get baptized." "Oh, ok." “President Kawabata, he wants to set a date." "Oh, ok, how about next week after church." And so it happened. He’ll be interviewed this next Tuesday (tomorrow), and then receive a remission of his sins through baptism this next Sunday around 12:30. I’m inviting lots of investigators and friends, as well as a Brazilian family in my last area, Suwa. I think the father - Brother Pontes - can give a talk. Also, we might be doing a musical number in Portuguese - which will be fun.

So I am pretty excited. What a miracle! What a prepared soul! What incredible timing! How great is the wisdom of God.

I haven’t really taught him much at all - but neither has Elder Golladay. It’s all been the Book of Mormon and the amazing power that book has. It is the words of Christ, and to those looking for Him, they will recognize it as such. What an incredible blessing to be here to witness this take place. There truly are those seeking the truth, but simply don’t know where to find it. We as missionaries, get to carry it to them. It makes me want to knock a few more doors.

I love this gospel and the joy it brings. It has helped me through many trials. The Spirit has led me. But most of all, I am thankful for the atonement of Jesus Christ. There was no back-up plan - but He did not fail nor shrink. What courage that took.

May we all see miracles in our lives as we are humbly led by Him,


Elder Alexander Todd Fuller
Japan Nagoya Mission
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints


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