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Alex at MTC From June 2006 to June 2008, Alex is serving
a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ
of Latter-day Saints in the Japan Tokyo
South and Japan Nagoya Missions.
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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Getting to Know Matsumoto

Well Elder Golladay and I are just having a great time together here in Matsumoto. We’ve been visiting lots of people and making lots of friends. On Tuesday we went to Nagoya and back for our zone leader council meeting. We talked a lot about working miracles and how we can help the miracles in Japan increase. Perhaps one of the greatest miracles is when one of God's children begins to follow His Son's teachings and live His commandments. Those are the kind of miracles we are looking for especially.

I’ve been thinking lately about Christ’s sermon on the mound, how we must love our enemies. Though I don't think I have many enemies, the point is still very relevant. God does make the sun rise on the good and bad, showing His love for everyone. Sure there are so many people that will forever hate the name we carry on our nametags, but I should always them too. Like all true teachings, it’s in practicing them - which is always the hard part - where they matter.

More than anything, I talk to so many people who are just lost - and searching - but they don't know what for. We talked to a man that joined the church, but hasn't come for nearly thirty years. He was incredibly nice, yet so full of philosophical questions and problems that he was just outright confused about life. We asked if he had prayed - and he hadn't in a long time. Perhaps it is when one cuts off that two-way communication with heaven that one is swept over by the waves of doubt and fear. When we turn away from the lighthouse, we are just left to drift at sea.

So what do all these thoughts and experience mean - not too much, other than how thankful I am for truth from God about why I am here and where I am going. There are so many things I don't know, but because I know some of those most important answers, it seems alright for now. I wouldn’t trade the sense of sublime peace I am blessed to enjoy for anything else.

I got a package from my father this morning, and there was some good stuff inside. Included was a bunch of advertisements from the Kansas City Star newspaper for grocery stores. Elder Golladay and I deeply enjoyed looking through the ads and seeing how incredibly cheap food is in America. Our favorite of all was a pizza ad for a large pizza for less than seven dollars. The same pizza - I don’t know if there ever could be the same - but nearly similar pizza here would cost around forty dollars. America is the promise land of pizza, that’s for sure.

Another gift was a CD called "Trek: A Nashville tribute to the pioneers". As we were cleaning our apartment a bit, we turned it on and listened a bit. One thing for sure, country music has gotten better lately. Another though was the pioneer spirit that was in those songs. I was humbled as I thought of my own ancestors who were forced to cross the plains to a place of refuge. It wasn't for money; it was for safety and for God.

This life is full of sacrifices. The most special and meaningful ones in my life haven’t been for money or fun, but for spiritual safety, and for God. I am so thankful to be on this wonderful world - in this wonderful land.

Have a good November week - it is almost ready to snow here! Stay warm :)


Elder Alexander Todd Fuller
Japan Nagoya Mission
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints


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