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Alex at MTC From June 2006 to June 2008, Alex is serving
a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ
of Latter-day Saints in the Japan Tokyo
South and Japan Nagoya Missions.
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Monday, October 29, 2007

Parties with President

Well this transfer ended with a flourish. I did get my call today telling me my companion was transferring to England, and that my new companion is Elder Golladay. He’s a way cool guy - and speaks Portuguese, so we’ll have some fun with Brazilians this next transfer. Elder Golladay is a way strong guy - and he told me on the phone that "we’re going to get huge - drink some protein." Yeah...we’ll see how that goes.

Monday night we had a great family home evening. Gathering lots of boxes and tape, we built seven or eight sets of the Armor of God. Mine was amazing - though Elder Pratt brought his real sword and beat everyone else up with it. The pictures are on the way soon - they’re fun. Wednesday night was our English class party - which was way fun. I played the sax again - I always forget how much I miss playing until I get the chance. Some new students came and had a great time.

Thursday the assistants came down to our area, and then one of them and I took their car up to the city of Nagano to exchange with the elders there. The assistants were way fun. Elder Shuto, a Japanese Elder, talked to me about how he came on a mission. He and his twin weren’t very active in the church (actually, he was part of a motorcycle gang - way cool) but when their older brother got back from his mission in Fukuoka, and they saw how much he had changed, Elder Shuto and his brother both wanted very much to serve missions. Right now his twin is the assistant in Hiroshima, and Elder Shuto is doing a great job here in Nagoya. It’s powerful to see the effect that one’s family members have on each other.

Friday, President and Sister Traveller came to Matsumoto to conduct interviews. Afterwards, they stayed the night and attended our Halloween party. The sister missionaries here had planned an incredible party - to which close to sixty people came - half of them being non-members. Elder Pratt and I dressed up as Pirates, and Sister Traveller donned the scariest witch costume I’ve ever seen. A bunch of our investigators came, which was great. Everyone had fun and everyone felt welcome. The haunted house we built in the entrance of the church scared lots of people too. Overall a great evening.

That night, President Traveller stayed in our apartment. It was fun to be with him, but what I will remember more than anything, was how he prayed. He closed our day with prayer and it felt as if he were truly talking to God face to face. To hear him pray from both Elder Pratt and I quite extensively, and then for so many others by name so specifically, and so humbly, was a great learning experience. He truly is a man of God, called by revelation.

Our investigators are all doing well. Elder Pratt is actually coming to church with his family (as Brother Pratt) this next Sunday, so I think a bunch of the people we have been teaching will make the extra effort to see his there.

I am so blessed. The whether is beautiful, and the typhoons are scarce. More than anything, I feel loved.
On my new planner for this transfer, I wrote on the cover some of my examples. This is what I wrote:
Faith of Moroni
Courage of Abinadi
Patience of Job
Obedience of Nephi
Service of Ammon
Power of Paul
Loyalty of Ruth
Humility of Hyrum
Prayer of Enos
Conversion of Alma
Leadership of King Benjamin
Love of Jesus Christ

That we may all follow these examples and more is my prayer, Always,

Elder Alexander Todd Fuller
Japan Nagoya Mission
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints


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