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Alex at MTC From June 2006 to June 2008, Alex is serving
a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ
of Latter-day Saints in the Japan Tokyo
South and Japan Nagoya Missions.
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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Tender Testimony

More than ever before, I have been filled with a profound sense of gratitude for the multitude of tender mercies which God has showered upon me. I am so blessed to be serving here as a missionary and seeing the mighty miracles taking place in others` lives.

This past Thursday, we met with Sister Wang along with some other members to teach her some more about temples, families, and the other goals of which we should strive for. At the conclusion of the lesson, I told my story of how I came to embrace the restored gospel and invited everyone there to do the same - going around one by one. Next to last was Sister Wang (we call her Jaty because that’s her English name). Hearing her testimony was worth every rejection I’ve received thus far.

She told of growing up in China among two very good parents. They always taught her that God was watching over her and that God would protect their dear daughter. When she became a teenager, she came to Japan for High school and was among many friends in Kyoto. They took her to a Christian church and she came to love the Bible very much. Years past and it came for her to go to college, in Matsumoto. The first year was difficult. She was once again alone - living in a strange land - and feeling a little forsaken. She said that she started losing her enthusiasm to continue and felt so lonely even among the hundreds of people because she still has a hard time with Japanese. She prayed and prayed. Then two young men, also foreigners, came to her door. She felt peace from them and knew they were honest and an answers to her prayer. She came to church - made friends - and came to know that she had found God’s church. Now she has hope, is so happy, and will never be comfortless.

As tears came down her face, I felt them well up in mine as well. Even though I’ve knocked on thousands of doors, the thought that there are others waiting and praying just like her, gives me added hope and enthusiasm.

Another miracle is a lady named Sister Kimiko Yamamoto. About a month ago, Elder Pratt and I found her and taught her the message of the restoration. We referred her to the sister missionaries and they taught her everything else. Yesterday, she passed her interview to be baptized a member of the Church - and I will have the honor of baptizing her this upcoming Sunday. The next Sunday, another one of the Sister missionaries friends, Sister Yuri Okuhara, will be baptized by Elder Pratt.

Sister missionaries are so good. Actually, I think there are just a lot more spiritually sensitive and prepared women out in the world than men. Silly men.

I was able to watch general conference this past weekend which was fantastic. Perhaps the part I will remember the most, was Elder Wirthland's talk. Being an older man, he started shaking quite a bit while speaking at the pulpit. Ever will I recall Elder Nelson coming up from behind him and steadying him through the rest of his address. What pierced my heart most is when I realized what I was seeing - an angel coming and sustaining him until he was finished.

Many, many times, members, friends, and especially my companions, have sustained me when I started shaking spiritually. I think many times, God chooses to work through others to steady and strengthen us. I am so grateful for angels - especially those in my family.

May we steady others and receive others help as well is my prayer, always,

Elder Alexander Todd Fuller
Japan Nagoya Mission
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints


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