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Alex at MTC From June 2006 to June 2008, Alex is serving
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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Changes in Shimizu - A New Companion

Greetings Everyone!

Well it`s transfer day and I am here in the city of Fuji awaiting my new companion. Elder Doxey is gone and I get an Elder named Elder Olson, also from Bountiful, Utah. This is his last transfer before he returns home so I will be here in Shimizu for a while -- a guarenteed 3 more months!! I am very excited to keep working here and try to help this small group of amazing members grow.

So a lot of last week was getting ready for Elder Doxey to leave for Yokohama. Packing is not a fun process. Cleaning isn`t really either, but our apartment is so small that it`s rather easy to clean.

We have been doing a lot of housing - going door to door and trying to talk to people. There are a lot of strange things that can happen when one tries to do that. Perhaps the most interesting is when people open the door several minutes after we have visted, look around, see us but don`t acknowledge our presence, and then close the door. I always laugh at that. Needless to say, not too many people are interested much at all in what we say. It`s no worries though, it`s a great opporunity to work on patience, Japanese, and having fun with my companion. Besides, we need to be tried by the Lord in order to see His power. We recieve no miracles in our lives until after the trial of our faith. And just because my faith is sure being tried, it doesn`t mean I can`t have fun along the way.

We have made a couple good friends here in Shimizu, though they just like the missionaries without realizing why they like us, which is the message we share. These friends will bring us little gifts or food several times a week. Needless to say, we are very well taken care of by everyone here.

We finished delivering cookies to the active member and the less-actives in our area. Everything went well, although each house we visited, they in turn were sure to give us a sack of food as a reciprical gift. We have a fridge completely full of fruit and a pantry packed as well.

As I prepare for another transfer, I`ve been thinking a great deal on what this area needs to progress forward. I`ve been thinking a lot what I need to become. As in all areas of the world, Shimizu needs to see a miracle. Faith proceeds the miracle. So I need a great deal of faith. My mind is often drawn to James 2:17, which says that faith without works is dead. I would submit that strong faith without hard work is meaningless. Hard work is essential because it shows the Lord our dedication and how much we trust Him. I will do my best to work my very hardest to show the Lord my dedication to this work. Hopefully I will be able to find those who are searching for the truth.

Our mission has just made a major change with our weekly schedule. Preperation day has moved from tuesday to thrusday, so my emails will be coming on thursdays now.

So not too much really happening otherwise, just working away. Thanks you for your support and prayers. Satan`s influences are strong at times when I feel so discouraged. Sometimes I wonder if anyone will ever listen to us. At those times I feel most alone, I say a prayer in my heart, and that familiar feeling of the Spirit returns assuring me of Heavenly Father`s love. He doesn`t just love me either, he loves everyone, even those who hate us. That assurance allows me to press forward. Even in the darkest hours, Christ pressed on for me and you.

May you have that same assurance of God`s love.
Elder Alexander Todd Fuller
Japan Tokyo South Mission
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints


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