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Alex at MTC From June 2006 to June 2008, Alex is serving
a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ
of Latter-day Saints in the Japan Tokyo
South and Japan Nagoya Missions.
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Monday, March 26, 2007

Spring Is In The Air

After the storms, comes the sun.
It is absolutely beautiful here in my little corner of Japan. The past had some rain that brought in a very nice warm front - and it`s perfect weather now.

Not too much of note happened this past week. We taught our investigator preparing for baptism, Satake Hiromitsu, about the Word of Wisdom. When he finally realized that he was unable to drink green tea any longer (they LOVE their green tea) he simply said, "Oh, I`m sorry. I didn`t know it was bad for me. I`ve been drinking it since I was little, but I`ll stop." He also told us about quitting smoking forty or more years ago. His humility continues to teach me more and more. That`s also been the best Word of Wisdom lesson I`ve ever heard of.

Satake Hiromitsu also revealed his former hobby of English. He told us about going to America about thrity years ago, and having a very hard time. Here, the bathrooms are called toilets. While he was in California, he was frantically asking everyone where the toilet was, but they kept directing him to "restrooms." I laughed at that for a while. He of course can`t speak any English except for one poem that he still faintly remembers. In the cutest old-man voice ever he says, "Blue as the sky, yellow as the dauphadiles, red as a rose." And that`s all he knows, but that makes me laugh as well. Maybe I`ll try to record it this week.

I am quite excited for this next sunday. I am going to sing! I`m going to be singing, "I Know That My Redeemer Lives." I never claimed to have a great voice, but I finally found an arrangement that I can probably survive. This could be my last sunday as well, though I won`t know until tuesday of next week. I have come to love this ward, these dear children of God, so much. They are a small flock, but the Spirit is among them.

Mostly I just want to express how happy I am. I know that as soon as I feel this joy in my soul, that more trials are ahead, but they are always worth it. Through the toughest trials come the choicest blessings.

Some two thousand and seven years ago, at the time of our Savior`s birth, people were awfuly busy. So preoccupied with government and business, the inns were too full for Mary and Joseph. People were too busy to welcome the creator of worlds. The only ones who came were certain wise men, and certain shepards.

That we can find time in our own hectic and busy lives for He who always has time for us is my prayer.
Elder Alexander Todd Fuller
Japan Nagoya Mission
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints


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